Selected Performances

DC Art Center, Washington, DC
“Mining Town: An Ant Family through ‘P’ Lens.” Poetic performance/construction. MLA Group Reading for DC Poets, December 2005.

Georgetown University, Washington, DC
The Roll of the Letter. Poetic performance/construction in collaboration with Ambroise Barras, Giselle Beiguelman, Christina Ciocca, Raphaella Poteau, Maggie Steele, Brian Kim Stefans, Grace Tietz and Janey Tietz. Soundtrack by DJ Spooky. March 2005. Video.

DC Art Center, Washington, DC
The Myth of Metal; The Myth of Wood. Poetic performance/construction.
In Your Ear Poetry Series, April 2004.

University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
DE L’EXPERIMENTATION SUR L’HOMME. Poetic performance/construction
in collaboration with Vincent Barras. Performed May 1997.

Sud des Alpes, Geneva, Switzerland
Accompong. Poetic performance/construction of three-dimensional
rubrics and Jamaican Maroon speech in collaboration with Mark McMorris.
Performed as part of the Festival de la Bâtie, September 1996.

Community Education Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Dream Leg of the "H". Performance of poetic construction, May 1993. View.